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Meeting Architecture, a manifesto: Comments and reviews

By Jenny Berg Posted February 18, 2013 on

We asked event pros which books should be mandatory reading for all event planners. From books that lay out the future of meeting planning—Maarten Vanneste's Meeting Architecture, A Manifesto—to tomes that spark creative inspiration—Michael Gelb's How to Think Leonardo Da Vinci—here's a selection of the must-reads.


16 Feb 2014
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The Meeting Architecture Process (MAP) is available as a one day training for all meeting planners, organisers, designers, etc.
The Meeting Architecture Boot-camp with certificate is a 5 day training with many exercises and case work. It covers the MAP, the toolbox and lots of up to date knowledge and science for planners to apply.
More information and dates are available on the MSI website:

Peter Drucker inspired Meeting Architecture?


 A short Meeting Architecture keynote.
September 22, 2012: The Geneva Convention Bureau organized it's first agency-only meeting planner event called 'Geneva Spirit'. An amazing few days of activities and discovery in and around the amazing venue's Geneva has to offer.

A Step-by-Step Tool for the Meeting Architecture Process

A short and early preview on of the MAP cheatcard and the MAP workbook.
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